Happy Halloween●万圣节在康桥,一起来捣蛋!





“Trick or treat,

smell my feet, 

give me something good to eat!”




Happy Halloween


After the frost, the weather is getting colder, but the colder climate can't hide the excitement and urgency of all the teachers and students of Kang Chiao International School . The original annual Halloween is here! This is the first Halloween of the students of Kang Chiao. In the eyes of the children,this is a full of mystery and joyful festival, and full of screams and carnivals.




The event has started! The students, in the class, are led by the teacher and proceed to theend point in an orderly manner according to the pre-designed activity lines.




Children dressed in various costumes have appeared one after another. Let's see the Superman,Batman, Captain America! Am I the most prestige? Deaf, witch, vampire,who is the coolest person to look at? Are the elves, zombie brides, and mermaids really amazing?







All the children has become the focus of the camera, faceing the photographer's lens, the children also put on a variety of funny shapes, and there was a burst of laughter in the funny corridor from time to time. During the event, we found many teachers also dressed up,too, some wearing witch hats, some dressed as cute Mario, and dressed as witches to participate in activities with the students.








Students have to go through the five levels of "Haunted House", "Drilling Holes to Throw Bottles", "Wraping Mummy", "Trick or Treat Maze", and "Mask Game" to reach the end pointand get the coveted candy.








Hey! Each event venue has been carefully arranged by teachers in advance. Is there has more Halloween atmosphere?




Children arecoming to the end, and it is not so easy to get candy. Every child need to knowand read the words in the picture to get the candy from the teacher. The children who get the candy peel off the candy paper and taste the candy, someone put the candy into the pocket to enjoy the accumulation of happiness, eachchild's face is full of joyful.






Come to the photo area, let us record this happy moment together!











Kang Chiao International School pays great attention to the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

It aims to cultivate students' spirit of openness, tolerance and respect through colorful activities, so that students can feel the charm of Western culture and also exercise the ability of students to use their brains to become Chinese and Western culture. Inclusive international elite!



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